1. simonwang:

    thats my favourite animal

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  2. llbwwb:

    Hello :) Peek-a-boo (by KerKaya)

  4. sofapizza:


    I’m sorry I’m not sorry.


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  6. @JordanGavaris: What ACTUALLY happens on set of @OrphanBlack…

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  7. “To my best bud.”

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  8. thedeandobbs:

    Daniel Radcliffe being rad.

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  9. dankmaiden:

    "ur so pretty and I love ur blog! :)"

    "can u follow me back? :)"

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  12. mariamnasseef:




    Let’s play a game! Which one are you?

    TV ADDICT - You know you’re a serious TV addict when you can relate to all 10 GIFs in this gallery! How many can you relate to? VIEW GALLERY [x]

    TOO LAZY TO FUNCTION - Only real sloths will be able to relate to all 10 GIFs in this gallery. How lazy are you? VIEW GALLERY [x]

    MUSIC IS LIFE - If you love music, then this one is for you! VIEW GALLERY [x]

    FRIENDS ARE THE BEST - Everyone has that one friend who together have done at least half of the stuff in this gallery. How many are you and your friend? VIEW GALLERY [x]

    ALWAYS HUNGRY - Food is life. Is your life consumed by food too? How many can you relate to in this galleryVIEW GALLERY [x]

    Reblog and let us know which one speaks to your soul the most!

    Always Hungry && ’ Too Lazy To Function 💁

    all of the above

    Definitely all of the above..

    TV addict and always hungry :D

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  13. unclefather:

    gf: Come over

    me: i can’t i’m skiing

    gf: I have dog treats

    me: image

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  14. (x)(x)(x)

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  15. The Doctor + Clara in danger

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