1. And I’ll endure a lot of pain for a very long time before I give up the information that’s keeping me alive.

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    This gives me life

    How music changed from 2000-2013. 

    i feel so fucking old right now…

    Anyone else notice how more songs were in a minor key at the beginning of the video?

    more like how POP changed, still cool though

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    that dog deserves an Oscar.

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  7. Golly, it’s almost like women are MAMMALS!! In case some of you have forgotten, women are not some kind of hairless beings. Contrary to popular belief women do not have to shave every inch of their body. I’m not saying that choosing to shave is bad, because it’s not, but I’m saying that choosing NOT to shave isn’t disgusting. And if you’re logic is that “body hair is dirty and gross” I’m going to need you men to take a step back and look at yourselves, because if that’s the case then you all are repulsive. The last I checked our skin and hair are made up of the same things so I don’t see how women’s body hair could be any less clean than men’s. 

    I’m tired of seeing women get laughed at and made fun of for the tiniest bit of stubble on their legs. I wonder if most people forget that, that stuff grows back. That’s how it works. 

    So girls if you don’t feel like shaving today, don’t. If you do, go for it. If you don’t feel like shaving ever again because you’re too lazy, then don’t. If you like way your legs feel after you shave them regularly, then do that. Do whatever you’re comfortable and happy with doing and don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad for it. 

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    "don’t touch the bottom guiz pretend it’s hot lava"

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  9. Doctor Who Major Gif Post-The Doctor Remembers Gallifrey

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    Los planetas* alineados.


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    x personal x

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    when u havent done ur homework but the teacher goes through the answers with the class


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